Build to Rent (BTR) is creating unprecedented worldwide interest...

 with giant real estate funds, developers, industry superannuation funds, global Sovereign funds, and Pension funds all declaring their interest in the new housing asset class.

And it's just arriving in Australia.

In my 35 years in the real estate business this is the biggest, most profound “game-changer” to the Australian property market I have ever seen. 

And I don’t say that lightly.

BTR has the potential to become an AU$88 billion asset class,  and will have a profound effect on Australia’s residential property markets.

It could forever change the Australian residential rental market. The investment market. The way Australians live. 

Although already well established in the US  where it is also referred to as Multi-family, it is also a relatively new asset class in the UK.

“Ten years ago, Build to Rent was a niche topic at investment conferences and in boardrooms; now it’s one of UK real estate’s most exciting asset classes. We expect Australia to follow suit,”  said  Paul Savitz, author of Savills Development Spotlight on Build-to-Rent and Co-Living report.

Comparing where Australia is with the UK in BTR units

What can be seen is how quickly BTR has grown in the UK.

Please look at the chart below. It is a little confusing, but well worth a good look if you would like to understand the potential of BTR a little better.

Comparing where Australia is with the UK in BTR units, they are on different timelines on the scale below. 

BTR growth UK v Australia

Australia is located at the number 3 on the bottom index right now, the UK has just gone past number 10. The arrows have been added by me for clarity.

What can be seen is how quickly BTR has grown in the UK.

Savills’ analysis of the Australian potential development pipeline shows the growth of the new industry is expected to mirror the United Kingdom where more than £10 billion (AUD 18.4 billion) was invested in the past five years.

I formed Aurient Limited to research, advise and consult on the  Build to Rent development space, as I truly feel this is a once in a decade - maybe even a once in a career - life-changing opportunity to benefit at an early stage in Australia from this growing world-wide phenomenon.  



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